Virtual Team Building Activities

Team building activities are critical to any successful organization. Most organizations have resulted into online working and this should be the chance for more team building activities to ensure necessary cooperation and bonding is maintained within employees.

Here are some of the team-building activities your employees can engage in, especially when working remotely.

1. Cooking together online

Everyone has their best recipe and this is an excellent chance to share it with team members. Organize for team members to cook meals in turn as they teach the rest. You can even organize to buy groceries for the person cooking. Consider dietary restrictions for every member so that nobody feels left out.

2. Virtual workout classes/ yoga

Working out has many health and mental benefits to the employees. It also keeps them active and relaxed to work well. Pause the regular work routine and have your team members engaged in workout activities. You can either follow a professional workout trainer or have members run the workout classes.

3. Virtual group training programs

Working from home has been a significant change to most employees and most have found it hard to adjust. There are many changes associated, such as breaking social cycles and working without supervision. It’s thus essential to train and equip employees with skills to help them navigate this and unite them.

You can hold the following training:

• Practical time management training- helps employee manage their time properly while working and also avoid too many distractions.

• Emotional intelligence training- equips employees with social skills and developing self-awareness.

4. Virtual Icebreaker games

Icebreaker games help employees know each other better. This, in turn, forms good personal relationships, which results in good professional outcomes.

Icebreaker games help employees naturally know much about each other without too much pressure. One can learn things about team members, such as personal things and hilarious facts.
Wrapping up

You shouldn’t ignore team-building activities since the benefits are paramount to individuals and the organization. Implementing suitable engagement activities can help boost employees’ morale and thus increase their productivity. Get creative and play around with the above virtual team-building activities.